Interior design

In every interior design project, team Prospektiv expresses attention to detail, innovation and style. Starting from a blank sheet, we draw lines that can go beyond customer needs.

Because we are not just designers, we are consultants able to perceive, dictate and build custom designed furniture solutions. Starting from the site inspection, we realize the drawings in an empty plan. After a careful study, we propose a first solution including all the required environments. The result is a booklet able to explain the furnishing of living areas, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting, wallpapers, stairs as well as swing doors and sliding.

Our projects are characterized by a sophisticated, dynamic style that doesn’t stick to fashion, but which draws a line of separation, imposing itself with innovation.

For the most complex projects, our studio realizes reconstructions in virtual reality of the designed environments. The customer can live a total immersion experience, anticipating the thrill of seeing one’s own furnished home, also dissolving any doubts about the choice of finishes, stairs and furnishings.

Our careful choice of brands – we are the only official Rimadesio dealers in Brescia – allows us to offer high-level solutions that make each project unique, of a personalized perfection.