At Prospektiv, we turn design into a lifestyle. Our desire to break the schemes of the conventional leads us to be featured on well-known design magazines such as DentroCasa, with which we actively collaborate, in addition to participation in fairs and events.

DENTROCASA – April 2019

Studied lighting sources, design objects and modern color choices enhance the calibrated design harmony of a new house in Brescia.

dentroCASA – June 2018

The attention to colors and details makes of clean and geometric essential lines an example of modern dynamism.

dentroCASA – March 2018

Modern volumes, spacious interiors, diffuse brightness and great attention to detail characterize a villa overlooking Lake Iseo.

dentroCASA – January 2018

Prospektiv opens the doors to the "Scuderia Franciacorta Motori". An exceptional setting for an evening event in which the budget of a year full of emotions has been traced.

The Spirit of Project – Cocktail Party

Come and discover the new Rimadesio collection in a totally renovated showroom within the splendid setting of Palazzo Bertolotti. (Ex Fiat Bertolotti). The latest project signed "Prospektiv" brings to the scene the elegance and refinement of Rimadesio solutions.

dentroCASA – September 2017

A dwelling with a strong character and a refined taste, where contemporary lines marry timeless materials.

dentroCASA – June 2017

A project that makes the relationship between the materials used the hinge on which to manage the environments of a contemporary living.

dentroCASA – May 2017

The splendid stand set up at the Fair Dentrocasa Expo, between pieces of design and furnishing solutions of great impact.

dentroCASA – March 2017

box staircase in painted steel, parapets in Extraclear glass shaped with attachments hidden by painted steel leg straps.

dentroCASA – March 2016

A skilful use of materials gives a play of reflections that enhances the material surfaces and spaces defined by them.

dentroCasa – February 2016

A villa conceived for the dialogue between the interior spaces and an imposing open patio, made the fulcrum of a contemporary dwelling.

dentroCASA – December 2015

A project that shapes a new identity for the mountain house through a fresh and dynamic interpretation of the materials of the tradition and the needs of the client.

dentroCASA – November 2015

At the foot of Mount Maddalena a house that combines the aspects of modernity with the merit of tradition and the unique natural context.

Elixir – October/November 2014

Stair Prospektiv srl. Boxed structure in steel with sound-absorbing panel painted white. Glass parapet with pocket in the structure of the staircase, shaped geometric cut.

dentroCASA – May 2014

An ancient farm where history is intertwined with architecture and technology in the sign of energy saving.

QUIN – March/April 2014

Prospektiv Stair: "a prospektiv is art dressed in matter." Elio Goglio.

QUIN – May/June 2014

Prospektiv stair: "a prospektiv is art dressed in matter." Elio Goglio.

dentroCASA – December 2013

An old farmhouse assumes the appearance of a contemporary dwelling. The past blends with the present, involving furnishings and design pieces.

Quì Bergamo – March 2012

The magazine "Qui Bergamo" celebrates its twenty years of activity; In the March issue, on the cover, a helical prospektiv staircase with chromed steel leg loops and glass treads.

Quì Brescia – March 2012

The magazine "Qui Brescia" celebrates its twenty years of activity; In the March issue, on the cover, a helical prospektiv staircase with chromed steel leg loops and glass treads.