Showroom Rimadesio a Brescia

Sophisticated, elegant and refined. Ours is a furnishing style with a strong graphic sign, projected towards amazement and innovation. A contrast between the heritage of classical prestige and the determination to trace a new avant-garde style.

It couldn’t be otherwise. . In fact, our design studio is every year the spectator and protagonist of the most beautiful race in the world: the 1000 Miglia. In the historic setting of Viale Venezia and Piazzale Arnaldo, the sophisticated and dynamic lifestyle of the race contaminates our creativity, our attitude to uniqueness, giving life to projects that dare experimenting, that delineate a new visual perception built on the order of volumes, on material finishes and simplicity of shapes.

"Prospektiv is Art dressed of materials" The maximum expression of our thought, as well as our most intense passion, is manifested in stairs design. Not only service objects, useful to connect two floors, but an incredible expression of harmony between reflections, transparencies and materiality.

Thanks to the collaboration of a precise and reliable technical staff, we are able to help you both in the minimum intervention and in the total supply of the furnishings, both in the properties that require renovations. This is our path: from the project to the finished product. A product that expresses unique compositional solutions. We believe that selection is important, because it implicitly requires knowledge and attention, this is why our showroom displays a few, but prestigious, brands: like Rimadesio, Cassina, etc. We are the only official Rimadesio dealers in Brescia.

sophisticated, elegant and refined. Ours is a furnishing style with a strong graphic sign.


Experimenting with materials, with glass, iron and steel we go against the trend, creating projects with a unique character, which do not foresee market changes, they trace them.

Making stairs, our greatest passion. We strongly believe that they are not simple service objects, useful only for connecting two floors. Through our projects, we express the idea that they represent an incredible expression of harmony, of reflections, transparencies and materiality.


It is our pleasure and honor to share our space with artists. We did it in the past, and we will continue to do so..

We believe that our studio is not a mere exhibition space dedicated to the sale, but a stage in which art and furniture come together. Because the furniture, like art, is the expression of beauty, of the creative emotions that lead man to express himself through unique shapes, colors and sensations. In our showroom they exhibited their works: Felice Martinelli, Mattia Trotta, Lino Sanzeni, Milena Berta.