Renovating a building, to many can give the idea of a work dedicated to walls and technical installations. Not only that, not for us at Prospektiv. Through the renovation we remove the barriers that defined the old space. Guided by our cosmopolitan style, our own eclectic narrative, we rediscover and bring to light the soul of the house.

Together with the client we explore the needs, spaces and tastes. Because we are not just designers, we are consultants able to perceive, dictate and build custom designed furniture solutions.

Through a mixture of material, shapes and light, the furniture creates a link with art.

Starting from the site inspection, we realize the drawings in an empty plan. After a careful study, we propose a first solution including all the required environments. The result is a booklet able to explain the furnishing of living areas, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting, wallpapers, stairs as well as swing doors and sliding.

In the case that the renovation also includes the design of stairs, us of Prospektiv claim a distinct and avant-garde style, a holistic design, which often led us to industry publications, such as DentroCasa.

When we tackle the most detailed projects, our studio prepares a virtual reality tour to offer to the client. The client can thus live an experience that breaks the barriers of materiality, anticipating the excitement of visiting their own furnished home, also dissolving any doubt about the choice of finishes, stairs and furnishings.

Thanks to the collaboration of a precise and reliable technical staff, we are able to intervene both in the minimum intervention and in the total supply of furnishings following the renovation.